How to start share trading in India for beginners

The fascinating world of Stock Market is luring many these days through its charm, but for every person who wants to try his hands trading stock market is encountered by problems as to how he can start share trading as a beginner.

This Blog seeks to address such enquiry.

Share trading in India is propagating with accelerating pace therefore, it gets very important to understand from where to start this journey.

Basics of Market: Read as much as possible about the basics of market, understand what actually constitutes the stock market, its genesis, purposes, functioning etc.

(Books, Articles, Blogs, Newspaper, Certification Courses etc. are helpful)

Trading Vs. Investing:  Both trading and investment are profit generating but, each of them has its own peril, you have to choose your style as per your interests. Understand their pros and cons, risk associated and capital requirements.

  • Trading
    • Based on Technical Analysis
  • Study of Price Behaviour
  • Candlesticks Charts                    
  • Trends                                           
  • Gaps                                              
  • Chart Patterns                            
  • Technical Indicators  
  • Investment
    • Based on Fundamental Analysis
  • Study of Financial Statements
  • Balance Sheet & PnL A/c
  • Financial ratios
  • Sector Analysis
  • Management Outlook
  • Macro Economic Policies

Demat & Trading Account:  After gaining the instincts of the market, get your Demat & Tarding A/c opened with SEBI Registered Stock Broker and start experiencing the market by trading with small capital and practice as long as you develop a strategy for regular profits.

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